About Me

Creation out of Covid
Hello! Welcome to my page! I'm Lyndon and thanks for stopping by! So about me...
I have spent most of my life as a Chef both in Canada and overseas. I was always told if you cook you will always have a job. Well, ain't that a crock of shit! Well, I mean I did, then Covid happened. 
So when I lost my job I decided I would need a hobby to pass the time while I weathered the storm. This is it. I learned some Photoshop basics from a friend in exchange for some cooking lessons via Zoom and got to work creating Toronto through collage.
My Toronto is my original piece that took over four months and 400 assets to complete. From there I decided it was so big that I should start breaking it down into the unique neighbourhoods that make this city so great and diverse. I hope you get as much joy out of the images as I did creating them. I have since returned to work and now have a hobby which I look forward to in my free time. Thanks for the support.Stay tuned for more! if you have a neighborhood request let me know! Stay safe! My apologies for the terrible photo but its all I can find. At least my wife is photogenic!