About Me

I have been a chef for over twenty years who always had an interest in photography and imaging. When the lockdown happened in March I was laid off from my Head Chef job permanently as the company did not survive Covid. During this time off I decided to learn a new skill, so I took a crash course in Photoshop. I loved making memes for my wife and my friends on a basic Windows program and thought Photoshop would make my life easier. The purpose was not to enhance my photography but to take an image and make it into something else and always have fun with it. 
I have always been on the creative side of life and needed a new project so decided to make a small collage of Toronto and the city I love.  My short project ended up taking four months and turning into a much bigger image than originally intended but was worth it. At the end of this the image that was My Toronto was finally complete. From there I decided it was so big that I should start breaking it down into the unique neighbourhoods that make this city so great and diverse. I hope you get as much joy out of the images as I did creating them. I have since returned to work and now have a hobby which I look forward to in my free time. Thanks for the support.Stay tuned for more!